Ford acquiring charging management company to support fleet EVs

Updated Jun 24, 2021
Charge port of Ford F-150 Lightning all-electric pickup
Charge port of Ford F-150 Lightning all-electric pickup

Ford announced that it’s acquiring Electriphi, a California-based provider of charging management and fleet monitoring software for electric vehicles.

Electriphi’s team and services will be integrated into Ford Pro, a new global business within Ford focused on commercial customer productivity and developing advanced charging and energy management experiences.

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While more commercial vehicle customers are considering all-electric vehicles, charging management remains a hurdle to mass adoption. Ford Pro plans on leveraging its leadership position in the commercial vehicle market, its vehicle offerings and Electriphi’s technology to help customers with this transition.

“As commercial customers add electric vehicles to their fleets, they want depot charging options to make sure they’re powered up and ready to go to work every day,” said Ford Pro CEO Ted Cannis. “With Electriphi’s existing advanced technology IP in the Ford Pro electric vehicles and services portfolio, we will enhance the experience for commercial customers and be a single-source solution for fleet-depot charging.”

Ford Pro estimates that the depot charging industry will grow to over 600,000 full-size trucks and vans by 2030. This acquisition supports Pro’s target to capture over $1 billion of revenue from charging by 2030.