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Winter maintenance tips

Bruce Smith October 18, 2010

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Eastwood offers great tips for fighting rust, road salts, corrosion and dead batteries for those working in the snow belt

(Courtesy of Eastwood Products)

During winter months in cold climates, pickups are blasted by road salt, brine & ice melt causing metal parts and body panels to rust and corrode.

Pickup owners who want to protect the body of the pickup from aggressive rust forming road salt that accumulates in the harsh northern states need Eastwood’s Road Salt Neutralizer.

The neutralizer is a blend of inorganic acids, corrosion inhibitors and penetrants that neutralize the corrosive film left behind from salt & ice melters without harming painted or finished surfaces.

Nick Capinski, Eastwood’s consumer marketing manager, suggests using this simple technique: Mix six ounces of Eastwood’s Road Salt Neutralizer with one gallon of warm water.

Next spray or sponge on the solution and five minutes later, hose it off. One gallon of concentrate makes more than 21 gallons of Neutralizer. This is an Eastwood exclusive product that no one else offers.

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