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Winching Safety Tip

Bruce Smith September 10, 2013

ProPickup Field Safety Tip

Winching Tip: Snatch Block Use

A snatch block maximizes pulling power and reduces battery drain


By Bruce W. Smith

Those who work in the heavy construction, road building, oil/gas production and landscaping world never know when the winches on the front bumper of their pickups are going to be called upon to save the day.

But it’s a sure bet the odds of using a winch are going to be multiplied during the winter and early spring more than any other time of the year.

When the time comes to spool out that winch cable or rope, the safety of the person holding the winch control and those in close proximity are the highest priority.

That’s why we all know the best place to operate the winch is from inside the cab – or at least to the side and behind the driver’s door so you have some protection if something breaks under the stress.

That’s also why you keep onlookers a safe distance away from the action.

Keeping the winch and your pickup’s battery system protected is also a big safety issue during “self-recovery” operations.

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