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Tonneau Covers Buyer's Guide

Bruce Smith June 19, 2012

Tonneau Covers: A Guide

The contractor’s guide to tonneau covers

By Larry D. Walton

Associate Editor, ProPickup

If you have multiple pickups on the job site, you have the option of setting each bed up differently.

For example, my brother’s pickup has a bed cap with everything he uses on a jobsite safely stored and organized inside.

My pickup, however, has a tonneau cover over the bed because I pull a trailer with tools for the crew.

There are times that I also remove the cover to have an open bed, such as hauling taller equipment or ATVs.

Bed caps, or “toppers” as they are called in some parts of the country, and tonneau covers both provide a measure of security and protection for the contents within the bed.

The choice as to which one is best for your application can be tough as there are a lot to choose from in both camps.

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