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Ford Super Crew Build Final

Bruce Smith December 10, 2011

Ford Super Duty Project Build:The Last Chapter

Putting the finishing touches on our big Ford Crew Cab 4×4 sweepstakes truck

By Bruce W. Smith

Our project truck at the start of the build.

Over the past nine months, we’ve been slowly changing the look and functionality of our 2011 Ford F-250 Super Duty Crew Cab 4×4 from an ordinary, vanilla-white work truck into a multi-function, go-anywhere contractor’s pickup.

It has been upfitted with a mild suspension lift and taller, more-aggressive tires for more ground clearance and better traction.

We added a heavy-duty front bumper and big hydraulic winch for better front-end protection and self-recovery muscle.

We added toolboxes, a bigger fuel tank and a refuel tank for greater self-sufficiency and long-range travel.

Then we equipped it with an array of emergency lights, a gooseneck and several different types of receiver hitches so it could handle any trailer-towing duties.

Then we filled the bed with a skid containing a generator, welder, air compressor and oil-changing system so light-duty field service/repair work could be handled should the need arise.

Cobra Electronics set us up with this 150-watt MicroPort DC-to-AC mini power inverter with a USB output that allows us to charge and run a number of mobile office devices inside the cab. We also use iRadar in the Super Crew.

Like we said at the outset of the build back in April, our goal with Project Super Crew was to build a pickup for those who service oil and gas wells, run survey crews, build roads or do site-prep work where a normal day at the office is driving off-pavement over difficult terrain.

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