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Road Armor Bumper Install

Bruce Smith January 6, 2013

Winch Bumper Upgrade For Dodge Ram 2500 

Swapping out the Ram stock front bumper for a Road Armor winch-ready model adds instant muscle, lights, protection and personality to late-model Ram Crew Cab 4x4s


by Bruce W. Smith

(First published May, 2010)

When the Alabama motorcycle patrolman wheeled in right behind me at the gas station, flopped the kickstand down on his Tuscaloosa City Police bike, and started walking around the back of the Big Boss, I rapidly began searching my brain for whatever traffic infraction I’d violated.

But my worries were short lived.

“I saw your truck and that front bumper. Mind if I check it out? I’ve got a Jeep  and love that look,” he said, squatting down to get a close look at the Road Armor winch bumper we’d just put on the Big Boss.

A few minutes later, and a discussion of what winch would be best for his Wrangler, he straddled his two-wheeler and went back out on patrol with a friendly wave.

The diesel had barely started filling the Ram’s tank when a landscaping contractor pulled up to fuel his 2010 F-250 Super Duty. He, too, strolled around the pump island to take a gander at the bumper.

“Nice looking winch bumper,” he said. “Mind if I ask where you got it? I’ve been looking for something along that line for my truck.”

Nothing seems to make a pickup stand out more than changes to the front, and nothing does that more than swapping out the factory chrome bumper for a really well-designed, heavy-duty aftermarket winch bumper from Road Armor.

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