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ReNew-ing Bedliners

Bruce Smith July 24, 2012

Don’t Remove, ReNew

Line-X puts the “new” back in our project GMC Sierra’s old spray-in bed coating; a cost-effective way to bring life back to anypickup’s bed


by Bruce W. Smith

Jordan Satterwhite jumped up into our GMC Sierra 3500HD’s bed and immediately put started hitting the faded and scratched bedliner with an orbital sander.

“Off-brand spray-in bed coatings like this one are prone to fading out over a couple years, ” says the 12-year veteran of Line-X.

“Bedliners also get chipped, gouged and scratched with use.  When the bed looks bad, it impacts they way people see your truck.” 

Satterwhite says a growing part of the Line-X business is refurbishing older bed liners.

Dealerships that take pickups in on trade like having the beds look like new as do individual owners whose pickups look good everywhere except inside the bedrails.

But prosumers don’t want to pay for stripping out the old bedliner and spraying in a whole new coating.

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