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Power inverter install tips

Bruce Smith March 14, 2012

Power Inverter Installation Tips

To do, or not to do it yourself … that Is the question


By Don Wilson, The Tech Doctor

(Xantrex Technology Inc.)

The popularity of power inverters is ever-increasing as auxiliary electrical power demands on pickups used in the trades take on more importance.

Inverters make the mobile office function–and they bring much needed grid-like power to tools and accessories contractors and heavy construction workers use every day.

Most inveretrs are channeled to the end user in one of two primary ways: It’s either sold to and installed by the manufacturer, or sold to a retailer where an end user (or service center) purchases it for aftermarket installation.

There are also power enthusiasts who dare to install themselves. There are pros and cons to each option, so how to choose?

How about OEM Installations?

Whether you’re dealing with a boat, RV, commercial truck, utility truck, ambulance, or even a military vehicle, inverter manufacturers usually offer installation support through their dealers.


High-power inverters require professional installations to optimize both function and safety.


One major benefit of the OEM install is that the consumer is able to take full advantage of the manufacturer’s detailed engineering work that has been built into the production process.

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