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Bruce Smith August 17, 2012


A positive air shutdown system on your diesel pickups is a must-have upgrade for many mining, forestry, refueling and petroleum contract work


By Bruce W. Smith

It’s a small device that can be held in the palm of your hand, yet it’s  the most important safety item on diesel pickups working in or around petroleum production facilities.

If your truck does’t have one, you’re not getting onsite.

The device is called a positive air shutdown system, or PAS.

If you are a contractor who has spent much time around the mining and petroleum-production trades, PAS devices are old hat. 

But bring up the subject to the typical construction or landscaping contractor who is trying to expand their business and you’re more than likely to get a blank stare. 

BD Diesel’s PAS kit comes with the controller, special boots and the automatic/manual shutdown unit.

Yet having a PAS on a heavy-duty pickup is one of those upgrades that provides a safety benefit like no other aftermarket product out there.

It also opens the doors to getting a contract where such a device is a mandatory component on diesel pickups working where gas vapors pose a safety hazard.

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    The DTI Guardian Shutdown System is unlike any other engine shutdown system in the market today. With traditional

    shutdown systems operators have no way of determining why their engine has stopped and once it has stopped, the

    valve is very difficult to be reset.

    The system is designed so that the valve will not close unless users want their engines to shutdown, whether it is by

    dash control, preset RPM shutdown or by key fob. In our more advanced models, the DTI system records the status of the

    valve at the time of a shutdown and the butterfly design of the valve prevents the loading of unburnt fuel into the engine

    when activated.

    Equipped with the Valve Control Unit (VCU) controller lets the user know the status of the

    valve through the LED light display and constantly monitors the status of the Valve for any faults.

    This enables a failure-free performance and makes it the only shutdown valve of its kind on the market.

    Shutdown system’s are essential due to the nature of how diesel engines operate, that is, by the combustion of

    controlled fuel fed into the engine to control its speed. In the presence of airborne hydrocarbons, such as those caused

    by a fuel spill, a running diesel engine will rapidly enter into a “runaway state” by ingesting hydrocarbon vapor.

    If not stopped immediately, an engine in a “runaway state” can become a dangerous source for the ignition of a fire or

    explosion. This can result in the loss of lives, destruction of equipment and facilities plus extensive environmental


    With the DTI Guardian Shutdown Systems, companies will protect their operators, equipment and themselves by

    avoiding unnecessary costs due to litigation, property loss and environmental liability.

    The DTI Guardian System monitors the engine’s exact RPM at all times. If the engine reaches above the programmed

    RPM the valve will shut off the air supply to the engine, this is the safest, most practical and most effective way of

    shutting down a diesel engine in a “runaway state”.

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