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Bruce Smith April 7, 2011


Increase your fuel capacity with Transfer Flow’s 50-gallon replacement fuel tank, available for 2011 Ford diesel short bed crew cab trucks. Manufactured from 12- and 14-gauge aluminized steel and baffled for extra support, the fuel tank is both strong and corrosion resistant. The tank features a powder-coated black finish. All straps and mounting hardware needed for installation are included.

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Minimize leg injuries with the Shin Shield, a padded device that attached to your trailer hitch receiver and protects your shins from damage. The device is easy to install under an existing trailer hitch ball in just minutes, and features a sleek design that doesn’t interfere with the connection between the trailer and the hitch ball. Secured by the hitch ball, the Shin Shield is difficult to steal. The device is available in a range of colors and logos.

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Protect your truck bed, tailgate and wheel wells with the Bullet Liner, a scratch- and dent-resistant coating system from Burtin Polymer Laboratories. In addition to puncture and abrasion resistance, the Bullet Liner also delivers UV protection and is impervious to weather. The product features a high luster shine and a color matching system ensures you can coordinate or contrast with any exterior color.

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Keep oils and fluids from dripping in even the tightest spots with the Form-A-Funnel draining tool from New Pig. The flexible tool bends to fit the space and then holds any shape, keeping fluids off of the shop floor and directing the flow into the drain. The Form-A-Funnel is constructed from moldable aluminum alloy and then encapsulated in thick, pliable nitrile rubber which is impervious to fluids and chemicals and handles temperatures to 425 degrees. The 22-inch-long by 8.625-inch-wide size is useful for vehicles and large and small equipment.

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Level the front end of your truck when carrying extra weight such as a snow plow or winch with Firestone Industrial Products’ Work-Rite suspension kit. The load management system features micro-cellular urethane load assist springs mounted to the vehicle’s frame. Three spring sizes fit 1/2-, 3/4- and 1-ton pickups in 3.7- and 5.2-inch heights. The kits are available for 1994 to 2011 Dodge Ram 2500/3500 4WD, 1999 to 2010 Chevrolet and GMC HD/3500 HD and 2011 Chevrolet/GMC 2500 HD/3500 HD models. Installation requires basic hand tools and takes less than an hour.

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The Ultra Grip Ice, Goodyear’s first dedicated winter tire for light trucks, features the company’s Winter Reactive Technology, which tackles starting, stopping and turning in snowy, icy, slushy, wet and dry conditions. The tire has two- and three-dimensional tread blades and a directional tread design for enhanced traction in changing winter weather conditions. The tire line is available in 16 sizes for light trucks, SUVs and crossover vehicles.

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Soundoff Signal’s Intersector LED Under Mirror/Surface Mount light, a critical warning signal, delivers 180 degrees of warning power that increases visibility at intersections. A specially designed reflector amplifies the light output and distributes it at the correct angle. A range of custom wedges and adaptors are available for under-mirror mounting, or mounting to a flat surface.

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Secure your gear with the Pickup Pack, a pickup bed organizer from Highway Products that maximizes security. The customizable unit includes a gull wing saddle box, two lockable low side boxes, a flat or dome center hatch and a removable ladder rack. The hatch locks the tailgate when closed, ensuring the bed area is both secure and protected from the elements. The Pickup Pack fits all truck brands, models and bed sizes.

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Increase load and ride stability with Vision Wheel’s 19.5-inch heavy duty wheels for one-ton pickups. The wheels save up to 70 percent of the operating cost of OEM 16- and 17-inch tire and wheel combinations over the life of the product, according to the company. The wheels also feature direct bolt application, hub rings for dualie applications, standard duplex conical seat lug nut application and center caps for aluminum wheel applications.

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Access your truck bed from the sides and rear with DiamondBack Truck Covers’ DiamondBack 270, which features a butterfly design with a rear-access panel. Available in a two-inch or four-inch profile, the cover seals securely with steel lock rods, neoprene gaskets, a hinge gutter and locking mechanisms on both sides. DiamondBack has a range of options for the 270, including 4-, 8- and 18-inch bins that keep tools and equipment from shifting during transport.

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Use the same key for practically everything with the Bolt Series of locks from Strattec. The Bolt Series features an automotive style cylinder that allows you to program the lock to your truck key so that you can use the key to lock a number of items, such as toolboxes, trailer hitches, storage sheds, gates, gun lockers and more. The locks are almost impossible to pick, and feature a high corrosion-resistance rating. The Bolt Series fits nearly 90 percent of Class 1 through 4 trucks, and are available in 5/8- and 1/2-inch diameters.

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The Streamlight Knucklehead has a 360-degree head that enables the light to be used cordless and hands-free. Versatile features include a stowable hook that allows you to hang the light upright or invert it under a hood, and a strong magnet that attaches to contoured steel surfaces. The light has multiple modes such as low intensity, high intensity, emergency flash and long-running moonlight. The Knucklehead is available in yellow or black, and comes in rechargeable and alkaline versions.

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