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Horsepower Seminar Announced

Bruce Smith July 7, 2012

Boosting HP topic of ProPickup Expo “SmartSession”  

Expert panel members to discuss how new vehicle warranties and smog laws affect pickup performance upgrades and modifications; products that make more horsepower central theme

by Bruce W. Smith

It takes a lot of mechanical muscle to haul heavy loads and tow big trailers, which is why today’s full-size pickups have more horsepower under the hoods than ever before.

But some business owners find OE horsepower isn’t enough.  

It takes even more horsepower to compensate for the bigger tires, refuel tanks, winches and other accessories found on pickups used in off-pavement/off-road working conditions road builders, oil/gas field workers, and others in the heavy construction world face every day.

Horsepower-improving products for pickups is a big business; the automotive aftermarket is burgeoning in the arena of power upgrades, from exhaust systems and cold-air intakes to engine computer programmers and water/ethanol injection systems.

But are these products right for the professional contractors’ business? Do they make good business sense? 

Corsa Performance’s Robert Flores

ProPickup magazine, a Randall-Reilly Publishing trade publication that focuses on full-size pickups used in heavy construction and professional landscaping, has brought together a “SmartSession” panel of industry experts to address those very concerns at the upcoming ProPickup Truck Expo at the Dallas Convention Center, August 23-25.

 “Pickups play a vital role in the world of heavy construction, professional landscaping, in municipalities, DOT and many other businesses,” says ProPickup editor, Bruce Smith.

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