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First Look: 2011 Ford Super Duty

Bruce Smith June 23, 2010

2011 Ford Super Duty Crew Cab pulling Cat


Test drives reveal strong traits in Ford’s most popular working trucks

by Bruce W. Smith / Photos by Larry Walton & Ford

Few businesses know what their customers are going to want a year from now, or what the economy will be like when their new product rolls out five years in the future.

Such is the predicament automotive manufacturers face when planning for their next generation pickups: Their crystal ball has to be well-polished.

We’re pleased to report that a recent test drive of the 2011 Super Duty F-350 Crew Cab 4×4 turbo-diesel, and other iterations of the Super Duty line-up, showed Ford’s crystal ball working perfectly.

The new F-Series Super Duty looks nearly identical to the 2010 version save for a clam-shell hood and Ford Blue Ovals the size of footballs. But under the skin it’s a more capable truck on multiple levels.

Ride quality is also greatly improved as are interior noise levels. The single-rear-wheel models have far less rear-end jitter over rough road surfaces than the previous models, thanks to changes in both rear springs and shock re-design and tuning.

Ford spent a lot of time talking to its loyal, hard-working customers who depend on their Super Duties to perform day in and day out in the most demanding environments. Then they took those insights and focused on making changes from the inside out instead of outside in. The result is a package full of innovations to help heavy-duty pickup owners make better use of their time on the job.

The changes begin with an interior brought up from the F-150, making the “in-cab office” comfortable in all trim levels. The up-level leather interior treatment is especially nice. In the Crew Cab you feel pampered by the luxury and spaciousness.

Ford brings a new work/office management system into their pickups with an optional on-board Garmin-powered Navi system ($1,395) and an optional DeWalt ToolLink ($1,150) system.

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