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CNG F-250 First Drive

Bruce Smith August 1, 2012

Driving on Gas


Bi-fuel Ford conversion runs on both gasoline and CNG – but is it right for your operation?


By Steve Temple


Contractors and fleet managers feel pain at the pump more than most pickup owners, since one of their biggest overhead expenses is fuel.

No surprise, then, many are considering a variety of mileage extenders, using everything from computer tuning modules to fuel additives to alternative fuels.

We’ve been checking out one in particular, Compressed Natural Gas (CNG), after spotting several bi-fuel pickup conversions at this year’s NTEA Work Truck Show.

In addition to already taking a hard-nosed looked at the financial pros and cons of CNG (see Money Matters in our June 2012 issue), we wanted to check out one on the road for a hands-on driving experience.

So we turned to Venchurs Vehicle Systems (VVS) to get seat time in a 2012 F-250 running a dual-fuel 6.2L.



Bi-fuel CNG tanks are big and take up bed space. This one does
have a small amount of storage above the tank inside the enclosure.

The VVS conversion has the ability to operate on two separate fuel supplies, injecting either gasoline or compressed natural gas with the simple flip of a dash-mounted rocker as you drive.

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