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Duramax 2.8L Diesel

Bruce Smith December 2, 2013

Duramas2_8L diesel

4-Cyl Duramax Raises Performance to New Levels

GM’s next-generation turbo-diesel leads class in power and torque; 2nd-generation world diesel sets new standards 


by Bruce W. Smith

If you want to see the future of U.S. diesel pickup engines, keep a close eye on what’s happening  8,500 miles west of Detroit. Or for that matter, anywhere else but on the North American continent.

We  love our high-horsepower, V-8 gas and diesels and big pickups here in the U.S.

But the rest of the world is quite happy driving V-6 and 4-cylinder diesels in mid-size trucks.

That’s why GM, among others, has invested a lot of time and money engineering some of the best little diesels on the planet and doing so on the other side of the world.

Case in point: The 2nd generation 163hp 2.5L and 200hp 2.8L Duramax (MY14) four-bangers just introduced in Bangkok, Thailand.

(GMs Thailand marketing numbers show the first generation in a 4×4 Colorado fuel economy at 25.57 mpg–and the new version is 6% better.)

Both engines will be showing up in the Thailand and Southeast Asian Colorado pickup truck and Trailblazer SUV, two of Chevrolet’s most popular overseas models.

“When we launched the first generation Duramax four-cylinder turbo-diesel engines two years ago, both the 2.5-liter and 2.8-liter variants delivered best in class power and torque outputs,” said Nicola Menarini, Global Chief Engineer, GM Powertrain.

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  • Twisted1

    I really like the idea of a mid sized truck with a turbo diesel. Now we need to get the oil companies to make more fuel so the price will come down. Diesel’s less refined than gasoline so it should cost less to refine.


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