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Choosing the best CB antenna

Bruce Smith January 16, 2012


Choosing the best CB antenna to maximize your communication abilities

Courtesy of Right Channel Radios

Contractors in all types of outdoor work rely on radio communications to keep jobs runing smoothly.

While cell phones and business radios work great for such uses, the CB radio still plays a vital role. But in order for the CB to function it has to have a good antenna that’s setup properly.

There are a large number of CB antennas on the market and it can be a daunting task selecting one.

When choosing a CB antenna it’s important to consider the antenna’s mounting location, brand type, length, mount size, coil location and ground plane.

Mounting Location Considerations

Mounting location is a difficult topic to advise upon due to each individual’s unique circumstances and preferences.

Antennas can be mounted a number of places including on a vehicle’s roof, mirror bars, hood channel, bumper and trunk.

A good CB antenna is critical when it comes to getting the best performance from your CB radio. Photos by Bruce W. Smith/ProPickup

Each method has advantages and disadvantages and it’s up to each individual to weigh these relative to their own needs and preferences.

There are a few general rules to keep in mind when considering CB mounting options:

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