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Work Light Buyer's Guide

Bruce Smith February 15, 2011

Aftermarket Light Buyers Guide

How to select the best aftermarket flood, fog and driving lights for your pickups – for both work and play


by Bruce W. Smith

While the general pickup-driving populace doesn’t make it a habit hitting the road before the roosters rise, the typical contractor is well into their second cup of coffee and headed to the company office or jobsite.

Driving when it’s dark is just part of being in the construction and landscaping trade. So is loading tools, gear and trailers before sunrise or after sunset whether it’s work-related or recreational. In short, those who use pickups for both work and play don’t let daylight dictate their plans.

That’s why auxiliary lights are so important. Not only do these products add more functionality and utility value to whatever it is they are mounted on, they bring an additional level of safety to the picture.


But that doesn’t mean you should blindly rush out to the nearest discount auto parts store and buy the first set of auxiliary lights you lay eyes on. Choosing which auxiliary lights to install on a pickup entails a few more considerations than slapping on the cheapest box of lights available.

Instead, target specific types of lights that will make things safer and easier as you drive or work around your pickup.

Choosing the “right” auxiliary light upgrades could be as simple as one set of fog lights – or an array of several different types of lights. It all depends on your particular needs.

And if it’s price holding you back from investing in auxiliary lights, consider this: Lights are the one aftermarket accessory that’s easily moved from vehicle to vehicle regardless of make or model. So your initial investment should last for years.

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