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Hydraulic Winch Install

Bruce Smith January 27, 2013

Looking Back (Originally posted October 2011)

Hydraulic Winch & Heavy Duty Bumper Install

Mile Marker hydraulic winch and heavy-duty Buckstop bumper upgrade gives our Super Crew six tons of steady pull



By Bruce W. Smith

Winches are an integral work tool and a safety necessity for anyone who uses their pickups in the road building, timber management, professional landscaping, site development and construction trades.

They are also a must-have tool for municipalities and utility companies.

A pickup outfitted with a heavy-duty winch brings both self-sufficiency and efficiency to bear in situations that might otherwise call for additional vehicles and manpower to resolve.

Our goal with Project Super Crew is to improve its performance both on and off-road, and in doing so, end up with a Ford F-250 Crew Cab that has all the right tools to allow the driver to be self-sufficient.

One step toward that goal is outfitting our project truck with strong front-end protection and a lot of pulling power at the ready. Most of you immediately think that means the addition of a stout custom winch bumper and a big electric winch.

Well, you are partially right.



We looked to Buckstop Truckware out of Newburg, Oregon, to fix our F-250 up with a strong, well-designed winch bumper. Buckstop, which is located about 25 miles southwest of Portland, is renown for their custom heavy-duty bumpers that are made right in their own fab shop.

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