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Bruce Smith April 7, 2011

It’s a Wrap

Eight months and 8,000 miles marks the end of our first project truck

By the time you read this, our Big Boss Ram 2500 will be making its last visit to Truck Supply & Outfitters, where the crew who did the majority of our project truck’s upgrades during the past eight months will be giving it a final once-over.

In a few weeks it’ll be in the hands of some outrageously lucky contractor whose name was picked from the thousands who filled out the sweepstakes entry forms. Lucky, indeed.

Thousands have come by the Big Boss Ram at trade and truck shows to see our project truck in person and to fill out sweepstakes forms hoping they win the keys.

The Big Boss started out as a nicely-equipped 2010 Crew Cab 4×4 Lariat perfectly capable of serving the basic needs of anyone in the business of moving dirt and rock. We picked it up from Locklear’s Dodge City here in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, and promptly went to work accessorizing it as a robust contractor’s dream ride. One we saw as driven by the “Big Boss.”

We spent our first few weeks getting used to our new truck and getting baseline numbers before we started adding parts.

The 6.7L Cummins and 3.73 gears worked well together, moving the big Ram out smartly while delivering a respectable 17.1mpg over our 100-mile Interstate test loop.

Our acceleration and braking tests at Holiday Raceway in nearby Woodstock gave us a few more numbers: 0-60mph in 9 seconds and 60mph-0 braking in 146 feet, while covering the strip’s 1/8th mile of asphalt in 10.8 seconds at 67mph. Not a rocket, but perfectly fine for a work truck.

Our friends across town at TuscaBlue handled the graphics, and from there the Big Boss headed to Truck Supply & Outfitters off and on for six months as we added a little here and there – giving the big Ram the look and performance befitting a construction company’s rolling business card.

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