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Air-helper spring installation

Bruce Smith September 7, 2010


Firestone Ride-Rite air-helper springs bring the level back to any pickup when the load sags the tail

By Bruce W. Smith

Drop a ton in the bed of any pickup and the rear is going to sag like the jowls of a bulldog while the ride turns into that of a boat succumbing to the roll of the sea.

The amount of droop and body roll, of course, will depend on the pickup and rear suspension design. Heavy-duty pickups fare better under load than half-tons. But all feel the effect to one extent or another.

The best cure for tail sag and body roll under heavy bed load conditions is upgrading the stock suspension with air-actuated helper-springs.

One version we’ve found to provide excellent weight support under all types of loads, yet not interfere with the factory ride when the truck is running empty, are the Ride-Rite air helper springs from Firestone (; 800.888.0650.)

The basic kit, which retails for around $400 and sells for less than $300 on the street, is relatively inexpensive when compared to other suspension upgrades and easy to install.

Truck Supply & Outfitters (; 205.553.4203), located near our Tuscaloosa, Alabama offices, put a Firestone Ride-Rite kit on our Big Boss 2010 Ram 2500 4×4. The suspension upgrade took less than two hours.

Now all we have to do is add a few pounds of air to the Firestones to keep the rear of our big Ram level as the load in the bed – or the tongue weight from a pull-behind trailer – tries to put the drop on us.

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