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Liberator introduces propane 6 liter engine

Jason Cannon June 26, 2013

Liberator Engine Company, LLC introduced its first propane engine to the public at the ACT Expo in Washington D.C. Wednesday.

After nearly two years in development, the 6 liter propane power plant will be available in the fourth quarter this year.

Liberator President Jody Stirewalt says the the engine produces 230 horsepower and 630 foot pounds of torque and at lower RPMs that its diesel fueled counterparts.

“It’s got tremendous low end torque. Tremendous pulling power,” he says. “And what’s unique is this engine is supercharged. This is a belt driven, gear driven internal gearbox. It’s a low speed engine that can still run a high speed supercharger.”

With similar power at lower RPMs, Stirewalt’s bright orange propane engine throws down the gauntlet in the battle space under the hood of medium-duty trucks.

“That 33,000 GVW down to the mid-14,000 because it is a 6 liter,” he says of trucks best suited for the engine. “It makes great torque for a 6 liter, but in displacement, it’s a little smaller than what you might want for a Class 7.”

Extracting similar power at slower RPMs was one of the angles Liberator took to gain advantages over diesel and other alternative fuels on the market.

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