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2013 Pickup Tow Ratings

Bruce Smith March 18, 2013

2013 Pickup Tow Ratings 

Compiled by Peter duPre/ProPickup

Want to know how much the new 1/2-, 3/4- and 1-ton pickups can legally tow?

It’s all here in one easy-to-read pdf.

Our annual  towing guide lists the most popular makes/models from each pickup manufacturer.

Our 2013 ProPickup towing guide lists each model’s trailer towing capacities for “weight-carrying,” weight-distributing,” and “Goosenck/5th Wheel” configurations.

CLICK on the ratings chart to see data full-screen.

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Here are the links to each manufacturer’s detailed towing specs on the 2013 pickups:

FORD towing specs

GM 1/2-ton Towing Specs

GM HD Towing Specs

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